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If job boards and staffing agencies are your primary sourcing channels, then you are likely missing out on the top sources that best-in-class organizations are using to find talent today. Studies show that these channels account for 49% of sourcing spend, but they only yield 35% of your applicants. That’s where Jobvite Engage comes in. Whether you are just starting out or are already a finely-tuned sourcing and nurturing machine, Jobvite Engage boosts ROI for recruiters and sourcers of any level of experience.

Unified Sourcing Tools
Source talent from a variety of top channels, such as paid and free resume databases, social media, web search—all from one location.

Centralized, Segmented Talent Pools
Whether you’re focusing on college recruiting, alumni hiring, or internal mobility, you can organize prospects by skills, interests, etc., so you can easily find a candidate and retrieve their information with ease. 

Stronger Relationships with Passive Candidates
Go beyond sterile conversations about resumes and personalize your communications to talent so that you can build a stronger employer brand and boost conversion rates.

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Finding the Best Talent

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Add new names to your pipeline and find the best talent—all from one centralized location.

  • Multiple resume database connections allow you to search for contacts from multiple channels—all in one place
  • Social media job marketing extends your reach and improves the presence of your social brand
  • Join Us app provides an easy way for job seekers to join your talent pool, and for you to collect information beyond contact info such as interests, skills and more — across any device
  • Works with Jobvite Hire and any ATS to convert prospects to candidates efficiently

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Talent Pool Management

Manage Your Talent Pools

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Diversify your hiring efforts and build multiple talent pools to have amazing candidates at your fingertips when you need them.

  • Talent pool creation lets you group prospects by any criteria that fits your hiring needs
  • Tagging capabilities help you organize your contacts by skill, background, and more
  • Robust contact profiles provide a comprehensive picture of each contact and their status in the workflow
  • Robust search and filtering enable you to refine your list of talent to only the most qualified and find that perfect candidate
  • Centralized contact communication allows you to see all emails sent and notes taken about a contact in one location

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Nurture Your Candidates

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Nurture all your contacts with social, email, and landing page campaigns to stay one step ahead of your talent competitors.

  • Branded campaigns enable you to nurture prospects with personalized campaigns showcasing your brand and open jobs using web pages, mobile, email or social media tools—keeping your company top-of-mind
  • Campaign tracking monitors how talent is engaging with your campaigns so you’ll have better visibility into the candidates that have fallen in love with your employer brand

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Social Referrals

Tap into Employee Networks

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Put easy-to-use referral tools in the hands of your employees so you can recruit people in extended networks faster and at a lower cost. Check out Jobvite Refer for more information on how to boost your referral efforts.

  • Employee social referrals put easy-to-use referral tools in the hands of your employees so you can recruit people in extended networks faster and at a lower cost
  • Publisher empowers every employee at your company to send out automatic job invitations to their social networks
  • Jobvites allow you or anyone at your company to send job invitations via email or 300+ social networks
  • Source tracking enables you to give credit where credit is due after a referral candidate gets hired

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"Jobvite’s allowed us to create a pipeline of people who connect with our core purpose and vision, and engage them in what we’re trying to do."

Cassie Robichaux - Senior Recruiter at AIR Worldwide
Cassie Robichaux
Senior Recruiter, AIR Worldwide

"Rather than re-formatting Excel sheets to process our data, which can be a cumbersome endeavor, Jobvite’s reporting function has been able to save our team ample time and effort."

Michelle Ybarra - Manager of Selection & Hiring, Noble Network of Charter Schools
Michele Ybarra
Manager of Selection & Hiring, Noble Network of Charter Schools

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Jobvite Engage makes it easy to extend your reach to prospects, so you can search for candidates from a single location. Centralize web and resume database searches, and use innovative tools to capture and import candidates from across the web.

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