Jobvite Engage

Capture the future of sourcing by building a lasting talent pool.

Can you keep the talent coming?

Jobvite Engage helps you cultivate an ongoing source of qualified prospects. Easily scour online social networks and résumé databases to line up talent with the skills you need—even when they’re not actively searching for a job.

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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Jobvite Engage gives you a single system for importing and managing prospect data from all sourcing activities. Search candidates, keep activity logs, and have complete pipeline visibility.

Talent Search & Capture

Jobvite Engage makes it easy to extend your reach to prospects, so you can search for candidates from a single location. Centralize web and resume database searches, and use innovative tools to capture and import candidates from across the web.

Social Recruiting

Now you can automate social network communications for quick, viral reach among all your connections on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Built-in tools help manage and measure your initiatives.

Candidate engagement is as important as customer engagement.

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Recruiting Intelligence

With real-time metrics, you can immediately gauge the success of your sourcing efforts, so you can recalibrate as needed.

Facebook Applications

Our custom Facebook applications make it easy to capture prospects from your company page and directly import them to your centralized CRM system.

Campaign Management

Targeted communication campaigns let you market more effectively to candidates. Launch them using simple templates, and measure your success easily.


Built-in templates let you create informative reports that pinpoint the success of your referral sources. Schedule reports, and export them to Excel.

Big Data

ATS Integration

Jobvite Engage integrates with any modern Applicant Tracking System and can deliver prospects right to the application process when you find a potential match.

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