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2022 is Here – Do You Have the Right Plans in Place for a Successful Year? [Webinar]Ready or not, 2022 is here. And it’s still a super-difficult hiring market. This panel discussion focuses on how successful TA leaders have built strategies and plans for 2022 to improve the candidate experience, meet changing demands, and prepare their companies for success. Watch
Hiring Our Heroes: A Guide to Hiring Military Veterans for Civilian RolesIn order to find and hire veterans, you'll need to take deliberate steps to incorporate them into your recruitment marketing strategy. In this quick e-book, we’ll provide tips and ideas to help you hire our heroes for your open roles.Read More
2022 Talent Acquisition Planning KitEach week in November, on Wednesdays and Fridays, we will add a new worksheet to the kit that helps prepare you and your team for recruiting and hiring in 2022. By the end of the month, there will be a full kit of nine worksheets focused on the topics that will be a priority for TA teams this coming year.Read More
2021 Recruiter Nation ReportThe 2021 Recruiter Nation Report gathered responses from more than 800 U.S.-based recruiters and HR professionals to learn what priorities and investments they are focusing on in this new recruiting landscape. Download for a deep dive into the current state of recruiting, and to understand the challenges and opportunities facing recruiters today.Read More
Working Session Wednesday: Culture Wins! Adapting to the New World of Work [Webinar] Join M.T. Ray, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to discuss how to showcase employment brand, build HR programs that support your values, and foster growth and opportunity for employees within your organization.Watch
Two Talented Tuesday: Building an Inclusive Employee Culture No Matter the Location [Webinar]Julie Sowash, Executive Director at Disability Solutions, joins Johanna Lucas, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at BioMarin, to discuss how to build an inclusive employee culture no matter where your employees are.Watch
2021 Hospitality and Retail Job Seeker Trends75.8% of hospitality and retail job seekers are likely to click on a job opportunity that they see someone in their network post on social media. How are you tapping into this talent pool? This trends report highlights the unique concerns, challenges, and priorities facing hospitality and retail industry workers as they navigate the job seeking process today.Read More
Working Session Wednesday: DE&I — Moving from Strategy to Action [Webinar]Join Chondra Osorno, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to understand the importance behind shifting from DE&I strategic planning to action.Watch
Two Talented Tuesday: Attracting the New Diverse Workforce [Webinar]We're excited to bring Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood and Co-Founder and CEO of Workshape, back into the virtual studio to discuss hiring in a time where there is an increasing focus on diversity and inclusion. He's joined by Tamara Rasberry, HR Consultant and advocate for DEIB and mental health awareness.Watch
2021 Job Seeker Nation Report

The Rise of the Optimized Workforce: Timely insights into the
profound change in the concerns, challenges, and priorities for workers and job seekers nationwide.


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