The TA Tech You Need to Recruit and Support a Hybrid Workforce

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Recruiters started 2022 with the challenge of quickly hiring top talent in a market that’s short of qualified workers. Talent acquisition (TA) teams have ramped up hiring activity, but some are stumbling at the gate due to outdated technology and resources. They’re losing top talent to competitors because of things like poor candidate experience or lack of benefits like remote work flexibility.

Agile recruiters have invested in technology to improve candidate, recruiter, and employee experience in a hybrid workplace. In a time where many companies have switched to a hybrid or fully remote workplace, technology and communication are crucial. So, what are TA teams using to win over and onboard top talent?

The recruiting technology you need to recruit a hybrid workforce

Automation and AI allow busy teams to source, engage, screen, interview, hire, and onboard candidates quickly and effectively. A hybrid workforce needs the best technology and communication from their employer in order to be successful. These are the tools that agile TA teams are using to evolve their recruiting this year.

Automated Sourcing

If your team isn’t sourcing automatically in 2022, you’re losing candidates to competitors. Sourcing is one of the most time-consuming tasks of recruiting, and teams are saving hours per requisition with automated tools. Automated sourcing quickly finds and engages qualified candidates in your talent network that best match open roles.

DE&I Tools

TA leaders are prioritizing DE&I this year by investing in technology and championing programs for employees. Automation and AI tools help reduce bias in recruiting, like the Job Description Grader. Diversify your talent pool with intelligent DE&I recruiting tools.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The ATS is the base of any recruiting program, so it should be a robust platform with automation and AI tools to make things easier. An ATS should do the basics like resume sorting and adding candidates to a database, but it needs to do so much more in order to provide today’s candidate the best experience.

Intelligent Messaging

Candidates are on the go and interact with their smartphones all day. Intelligent messaging allows recruiters to invite applicants, answer questions, and pre-screen candidates in one place. Agile recruiters are sourcing and engaging candidates through texting and chatbots – and getting an impressive 98% response rate. Reach candidates where they are with intelligent messaging tools.


With many companies opting for a hybrid or remote-first workplace, quality onboarding is more crucial than ever to provide for new hires. A world-class onboarding platform will ensure candidates start on the right foot, even before their first day.

Recruitment Marketing

TA teams are investing heavily in their employer brand and recruitment marketing in order to compete in a tough market. Companies need to show candidates a strong, consistent employer value proposition through career sites and social media to recruit top talent.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Successful recruiting teams proactively manage their talent networks with CRM software. This includes engaging passive or silver medalist candidates to keep them warm until a fitting role opens for them. Nurture your talent pipeline and be prepared with a group of qualified candidates the next time a position opens.

Internal Mobility

One way that TA teams are combatting a tough market is by looking internally for their next candidate. Internal mobility and employee referrals tap into your greatest resource of qualified talent – your current employees and their networks. Offer incentives to employees for referrals and watch your talent pool grow!

Reporting and Analytics

Agile recruiting teams need data to continuously learn about and improve their processes in recruiting. A robust reporting and analytics platform is essential for strategic activities like measuring key recruiting metrics, finding bottlenecks in a process, predicting talent needs in the future, and more.

Technology helps recruiters find and manage remote talent

TA teams have learned that agility, automation, and AI are the keys to strategic recruiting in 2022. Today’s candidate expects a world-class experience that’s optimized for remote workers, and recruiters that accommodate will win them over every time.

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