The Top 12 TA Resources of 2021

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After a year of learning and knowledge-sharing among TA leaders and professionals, we’re feeling pretty prepared to take on 2022. Get your recruiting ready for next year with our top 12 resources for TA teams. This list has everything you need to know about sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and more in the new year.

1. 6 Tips for Connecting with Candidates through Automated Texting

Recruiters are reaching busy candidates with automated texting – and are boasting almost 10x better candidate engagement every week. This e-book gives actionable tips for engaging with candidates with texting.

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2. The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist

TA leaders have learned that the key to retaining top talent is to provide quality onboarding for new hires. In fact, 66% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three or more years if they had a great onboarding experience. This checklist has everything you need to create an engaging onboarding process for employees.

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3. How to Build a Great Employer Brand

A strong employer brand has increased in importance for companies in recruiting top talent. Quality candidates expect a company to have an established employer brand that promotes DEI, shares employee stories, and shows off a great employer value proposition. This guide will get you started with building a competitive employer brand.

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4. How to Hire Top Talent Quickly

Recruiting teams are strapped for time while rapidly trying to fill open roles. Talent teams are looking for ways to cut down on manual tasks to save time and find top talent quickly. This guide shares actionable strategies to hire top candidates fast.

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5. 2021 Manufacturing Job Seeker Trends

Manufacturing saw a shift in job seeker expectations in 2021 – including an increased demand for flexibility for parents, better employee benefits, and competitive compensation. This report dives into the trends and challenges for manufacturing job seekers in today’s market.

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6. How to Improve Recruiter Efficiency with Automation

Recruiters are facing pressure to fill a high number of requisitions in little time and are feeling more stressed than ever. Automation and AI tools are helping teams save time and effort on tedious manual tasks – so they can focus on finding top talent quickly. This guide demonstrates how a lean recruiting team can introduce automation to improve key metrics.

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7. Recruiting Metrics Kit

A mess of numbers is overwhelming to any TA professional but understanding performance metrics is the key to improving any recruiting process. Check out the recruiting metrics kit to help identify efficiencies, clarify processes, and understand key performance metrics.

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8. 7 Sourcing Hacks

Sourcing can take up a huge portion of time for recruiters, but it shouldn’t have to! This guide gives seven actionable tips for improving sourcing efficiency.

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9. 2021 Healthcare Job Seeker Trends

It was a big year for recruiting in the healthcare industry. Teams struggled to retain quality workers and had to fill positions at a rapid rate. We surveyed healthcare job seekers to hear their challenges, priorities, and goals for the next year.

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10. 2021 Recruiter Nation Report

We surveyed hundreds of recruiters to learn about the challenges, priorities, and investments that are in their sight for the next year. Learn about the trends in the job market and how recruiters are getting agile to adapt.

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11. Job Description Grader

Looking to reduce bias and improve inclusivity in your job descriptions? The Job Description Grader tool will analyze your job description and create a report with recommendations to help you recruit a diverse pool of qualified talent.

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12. 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report

Every year we survey hundreds of job seekers to learn about their top priorities, obstacles, and concerns for job hunting. Hear what candidates expect from employers from culture and benefits to remote flexibility and DEI.

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