Cangrade’s AI-based hiring solution uses pre-employment soft-skill and hard-skill testing to accurately predict the potential success of job applicants. Unlike personality tests of the past, Cangrade has developed advanced analytics that match your company’s own KPI’s to employee personality traits in order to generate a unique success model for any role you are hiring for.

This model is designed to be “bias-free” and use the highest predictive validity to identify the best candidates while determining their most relevant strengths and weaknesses for that role. Learn what drives success in your team and how to hire for it.

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  • Quickly and easily identify the best job applicants with high validity success prediction score and report –
  • Identify the best job for each candidate with scores for multiple roles
  • Maximize new hire success with competency development recommendations, coaching tools and learning (LMS integrated)


  • Boost your team’s success metrics by hiring better performing employees
  • Streamline your hiring by focusing on smaller pool of candidate with higher success potential
  • Minimize the impact of implicit bias in your hiring process