Choice Screening, Inc. is an industry leading background screening provider of pre-employment background checks, Drug, Alcohol, and Medical Screening, Professional Verifications, Driving Records, Credit Reports, Rental History, as well as many post hire services such as Form I-9 Comply™, Workers Compensation, and Choice ReScreen.

Choice Screening prides itself on client education and providing an accurate scope of this highly regulated industry. We are not only focused on remaining compliant, but providing the necessary hiring solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Partner with us for Background Screening You Can Trust.

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  • The Jobvite + Choice Screening Integration is managed on workflows. To initiate a background check, select initiate background check from the main workflow. This triggers a webhook request to the Choice Screening API which calls back to Jobvite’s API and obtain the candidate’s information. Choice Screening API calls the Jobvite API again, changing the workflow to background check in process.
  • Once the background check is complete, the Choice Screening API calls the Jobvite API again and changes the workflow to background check complete. A URL will be provided to the candidate’s report. Should an error occur, set the candidate’s workflow to background check error, and create a reason for error in the custom field: Log Details


  • Streamlined: Logging into multiple platforms is a thing of the past. Perform background checks directly from the easy-to-use application.
  • Quick Turnarounds: Speed up your onboarding process with Choice Screening’s remarkable turnarounds times.
  • Compliant: Background Checks

Choice Screening takes the time to educate our clients on the wide array of background screening products available on the market. But not only that, we are constantly evaluating our products to ensure we offer the best.

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